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Company Name

North East


Takashi Sasahara


2F Nishi-Shinjuku Mizuma Bldg, 3-3-13 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 1600023, Japan
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Price of Product

Price indicated on each page

Fees other than the product price

Shipping fees (Shipping fees will be calculated based on the delivery area and package weight. It will be displayed during the checkout process, before you confirm payment.)

  • Trackable Airmail: $16.40 USD -
  • EMS or DHL or FedEx: $19.40 USD -
  • Tracking is available except in some areas.

Taxes & Duties

Purchased products may be subject to customs clearance, import duty, and other related charges on entry to the country of delivery. However, these charges are not included in our shipping fees. As a general rule, customers are responsible for liaising with their local delivery company for the settlement of these charges. Each country/region has its own policy outlining their preferred method of payment, and the amount of import duty or any other charges to be paid; therefore, North East kindly requests that customers contact the appropriate authorities at the country of delivery for more detailed information.

Payment Method

Credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay


About 3-14 days (Depending on the delivery area.)

Returns & Exchanges

Returns or exchanges will not be accepted due to the customer’s personal preferences. In the event an article is sent back to Japan due to the recipient being absent for a long period, taxes or customs charges not being paid, a refund for the order will be paid, however shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Damages and Loss

When shipping an order, we does not take any responsibility for damage or losses caused during shipping. Products are shipped from Japan by the Japan Post (postal service company) or DHL or FedEx until reaching the destination country, after reaching its destination country, orders will be handled by delivery methods designated by the customer, being handled by postal workers or by DHL or FedEx workers in the country in question. In the event of delivery problems, generally the recipient should make inquiries with local post office or DHL or FedEx.