2021* Magazine
2021* Magazine
2021* Magazine
2021* Magazine
2021* Magazine
2021* Magazine
2021* Magazine

2021* Magazine

Hamien & Dirst

2021* is the issue 01 of the 2020 magazine’s series. It is a guide for the year made from different perceptions about how this year is going to be. 12 authors from different branches are presenting their vision about the ideas, images and trends for the year that have been developed from the year before. An exercise about the immediate future from 12 different perspectives, one for each month.

Every year, the magazine will be presented in a completely different way, adapting each publication to the moment we’re living, covering a whole decade, from 2020 to 2029.


(A) Emergency Use Only
An ELASTIC ENGAGEMENT RING for urgent impulse of companionship, a stainless steel GRID as a see-through carrying device and a PHONE CASE WITH A BALL, that allows your phone to be mounted or hung on the edge of any surface.

(B) Kyle Berger
“I think there’s something notable, considering 2020, about the notion of a sun-rise/ sun-set meaning the beginning of something new or the closing of a chapter”.

(C) Yasmina Gonin
“The best is yet to come” or “Stay true, stay you” are some of the statements hidden inside this sims fantasy starring the Swiss photographer.

(D) Daniel Jordán Pompa
The Benidorm based photographer bring us a serie of almost identical portraits about what 2021 feels like; a uncomfortable never ending makeup preparation for an after pandemic world that never seems to arrive. Have fun trying to find the differences between them.

(E) Sean Alexander Geraghty
Fashionable cakes are the trend proposal by the London based photographer. A series made featuring Set Designer Thomas Bird, we can now enjoy this amazing catalog of “Designer Cakes” and think about wich one would we like for our special ocasions.

(F) Alexis Ocón
“I am human but my partner is not” talks about the natural evolution of intimate relationships after pasing several months isolated from humans during 2020’s quarentine. With 12 objects, 12 stylists, 12 models this editorial puts together a lot of people for the first time in a while.

(G) Marloes Haarmans
“Release-Rebuild-Rehealed. Shot back in November ‘20, I was asked to present my predictions for 2021. 2021 is, or should have been, the healing from 2020. The year of re-building what’s been destroyed, or what destroyed us”.

(H) Bastien Gomez
A delicate selection of healing products as pills, water and vitamine C for the most sensitive-health year.

(I) Cecilia Poupon
A beauty editorial without any human face. The beauty of beauty itself. The Paris based photographer Cecilia Poupon bring us a series of beauty masks curated by Set Designer Camille Lichtenstern.

(J) Caesar Arenas
Milena Smit wears Loewe Pre-Fall 21 in a fantasy interior scenario created by the Madrid based artist Caesar Arenas. Putting together a plan for future interior spaces, the editorial includes CGI details of the represented elements. Styled by Jorge Garcia Valero, the actress plays around the created space.

(K) Alex Cascallana
A serie of beauty hacks for the year styled by Jon Mikel del Valle. From an intimate view, the photographer documents this crazy tips for you to try them at home.

(L) Dylan Da Silva
Some truly remote working scenarios, from the middle of the desert to a coffee machine wraped in lava. The Cannes based 3D artist, presents the future of telework from not so distopic perspective.

(M) Geray Mena
With the collaboration of Taxidermia Benedito and the Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Madrid, “Nature Morte” brings a post apocaliptic version of the nature apreciation we could do from home. Enjoying this forever lasting animals from our couch, this still lifes could still “alive” forever.

(W) Numen Haute Parfumerie
“A dazzling fusion of organic and mineral, of freshness and depth”. Made from maui wowie, clover and moss, the fragance proposal for this 2021 comes as parfume and a hand saniti

Pages: 188
Dimensions: 200 × 250 mm
Format: Softcover
Language: English
Year: 2021
Publisher: Hamien & Dirst