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Gerhard Richter: 92 Zeichnungen / 92 Drawings

Walther König

Drawings are rarely present in exhibitions. They can barely endure the erosive effects of daylight. The book is the natural ally of pure drawings. In them they are protected and are available on demand at numerous places. This "book without text", suggested, designed and perfected through numerous phases of revision by Gerhard Richter, presents 92 thus far unknown, mostly colour, abstract pencil drawings in their original size, in formats between 15 x 15 and 23 x 23 cm. Richter also uses crayons and chalk for the first time. The leaves are titled with dates between November the 15th of 2017 and the 4th of March 2020.

Pages: 132
Dimensions: 260 ×270 mm
Binding: Hardcover
Year: 2020
Publisher: Walther König

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