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A Chinese Font Walk NEXT

Faces Publications

With 5 years of latest research since published in Taiwan in 2014, “A Chinese Font Walk” has now developed to introduce Chinese character knowledge, history, technology and design, etc. in “A Chinese Font Walk Next”. It is an excellent beginner’s guide to Chinese characters, and it is also a guide to understanding Chinese characters. It comes with A Chinese Font Walk Catalog which is a convenient reference for general Chinese fonts. It includes more 360 fonts, such as free open source fonts, and more. The Taiwanese graphic designer, Wang Zhi-Hong designed the book.

Pages: 264
Dimensions: 148 × 210 mm / 5.8 × 8.2”
Format: Soft Cover
Design: Wang Zhi-Hong
Language: Chinese
Year: 2019
Publisher: Faces Publications
Origin: Taiwan

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