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Bathroom Paper Issue 1

Bathroom Store

Bathroom paper Issue 1 is the first collaboration between bathroom store and designer Han Gao. It is like the once-popular tabloid digest - not time-sensitive, rich in texts that cover lifestyle, sciences, politics, arts, and everything - perfect for any casual chat or small talk.

Bathroom paper is something similar, designed to be read in any place- dining room or bathroom. They have selected 17 descriptive texts from famous works about various everyday objects - a coin, a rug, a pencil, a tape, a bench in the park, or the wallpaper in a room. These texts revile how ordinary everyday objects can be enlightening and empowering, and also it tells the delicate relationship between the owner and the object. These objects observe our life and also tell how life proceeds.

Bathroom store was founded in Amoy, China in 2018. It is a bathroom-like store in a local community, sharing and selling brands and designs from different countries and different times. Bathroom store also collaborates with designers and artists on new ideas and holds pop-up events gathering the young and the creative in the city.

Pages: 4
Dimensions: 370 x 530 mm
Language: English
Year: 2020
Design: Han Gao
Publisher: Bathroom Store

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