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Bracket Vol. 06: Change


Bracket is conceived as a publication that features everything in between: ideas, voices and processes that are overlooked and under-appreciated. The collection will contain 8 volumes on craft, hunger, education, money, hustle, change, people, place, and freedom.

In this latest issue of Bracket, 15 thinkers and makers from around the world are surveyed on the topic of Change. The issue also includes 10 previously unpublished interviews on People.

Each contributor is sent a questionnaire on which they would handwrite their answers or customise however they want. The results are published in an A2-size broadsheet.

Contributors :
Alice Rawsthorn (UK)
Danis Sie (IN)
THINKK Studio (TH)
Isa Willinger (DE)
jeffstaple (US)
Jessica Hagy (US)
Kenji Yoshida (JP)
Rick Poynor (UK)
Sawako Kabuki (JP)
Shigeki Matsuyama (JP)
Theseus Chan (SG)
Timo Kuilder (NL)
Tom Hingston (UK)
Tuan Le (VN)
Albert Folch (ES)
Actual Source (US)
Daigo Daikoku (JP)
Dan Matutina (PH)
Edwin van Gelder (NL)
Ryotatsu Tanaka (US)
Bänziger Hug (CH)
Sho Shibuya (US)
Stefan Gandl (DE)

Dimensions: 420 × 594 mm
Year: 2020
Language: English
Publisher: Anonymous

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