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Fraser Muggeridge studio: Crayonograph

Actual Source

How does an image translate through different graphic mediums? How many different variations can be produced of the same graphic form and how does this change our emotional understanding and thoughts in this regard? 

'Crayonograph' shows 160 works produced by Fraser Muggeridge studio (Instagram) over the last 15 years, crayoned by Abbie Freeman (Instagram). Partly inspired by Crosby/ Fletcher/ Forbes 1966 article in Typographica 14, 'A book of matches', in which they describe 'An Exercise, to take a simple object and within the limitation of black and white still reproduction, to explore some of the graphic means possible to illustrate it. even within our chosen subject, matches, there are many variations.' This crayongraph looks at this extensive body of work through a graphic crayon lens.

Pages: 160
Dimensions: 210 x 300 mm / 8.2 × 11.8”
Design/Concept: Fraser Muggeridge
Crayon: Abbie Freeman
Binding: Soft Cover
Printing: Fluo 4 Color Offset
Language: English
Year: 2018
Publisher: Actual Source

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