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Robin Waart

"Dear X, I am back, writing, thinking of you. And since you already know what I want to say, isn't how I say it what matters, really?..."

‘To C.L.S.’, ‘For A.L.M.’, ‘In Memory of J.V.C.’ – Starting from his collection of three-letter dedications, Robin Waart’s new artist book "Dedication(s)" looks at public yet hidden modes of address. While these initial-only dedications appear in printed books, they remain private, intimate allusions between author and intended recipient. The project infers the strange position of the reader who encounters these cryptic dedications, which perhaps get in the way of—or better clarify?—the relationship between author and audience. Waart’s project questions the relationship between a work and the reality in which it comes about, and why, and for whom, we make what we make.

Pages: 30
Dimensions: 200 × 260 mm / 7.8 × 10.2”
Binding: Perfect bound with loose sleeve
Language: English, French, German, Dutch
Year: 2018
Design: Atlas Studio
Publisher: Robin Waart
Origin: Switzerland

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