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DIS-or-DER 物間移記 / Blue


Seeing the existence of every object as an inspiration, this book seeks to reorganize subconscious through the wastes/treasures from the warehouse that had been abandoned for seven years. After the subconscious reorganization, these objects invite you to experience the pre-existing chaos within them and decode a new aesthetics.

Featuring 93 daily / non-daily scenes of unknown timeframes and dimensions, a photo book of abandoned objects is composed. 26 zuihitsu (loosely connected personal essays and fragmented ideas) on the selected objects from multiple perspectives such as psychology, popular culture, occult, and sociology further encourage you to liberate your imagination and digest the content in your own way.

These seemingly disordered and random arrangements of the objects aim to reflect how the normative conception of the world – orderly and rational, is in fact, biased. Since the transformation is fueled by chaotic mutations, the SUPER ADD Studio consider these compositions to be a proposal of how this world can be transformed. Thus, these objects have effectively interacted with each scene in a perfect way. The interplays between the scenes, the objects and the subconsciousness ultimately throw themselves a chaotic party, dragging you into the journey of the mind.

Pages: 144
Dimensions: 195 × 267 mm
Binding: Hardcover
Language: Mandarin Chinese, English
Year: 2019
Design: Wen Chen Hsu
Publisher: SUPER ADD Studio

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