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Dizzy Magazine Issue 6 Japan Edition


Dizzy is a publisher and bi-annual magazine focusing on bridging the gap between artists of different ages, backgrounds, and levels of exposure. They feel it’s important to eliminate the emphasis on these differences, while still celebrating the artist’s identities. Alongside formal interviews, the magazine includes sections like our “Pet Page” to engage readers of all ages. They approach each issue with the hope that it is something you’ll want to put on your bookshelf, and come back to, rather than it being a disposable news source. Dizzy works to represent the artists in the way they want to be seen, while creating accessible content to be enjoyed by everyone.

The sixth issue is special JAPAN EDITION, featuring artists all based in Japan. Editor in Chief, Milah Libin, returned from a three month long trip to Japan, where she interviewed, photographed, and met artists to be featured in the magazine, as well as connected them with New York based artists to be in conversation with. All the text is written in both English and Japanese.

Pages: 140
Dimensions: 210 × 280 mm
Binding: Softcover
Year: 2020
Language: English, Japanese
Publisher: Dizzy

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