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Garment Summer 2020: The Scarf Issue

Amsterdam Fashion Institute

‘Garment’ is published by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and uses humour as a coping mechanism to seek different approaches and perspectives on fashion, society, and media. This issue is about the scarf, perhaps a perfect metaphor for life: malleable, colourful, available in different shapes and sizes, and full of rich cultural influences. The wearer can shape it how they like, and its functions are innumerable. Styled as an escape from an overwhelming world crammed with disposable content, the magazine’s offerings are both wild and varied. Take a test to see how you can fashionably brace yourself of the apocalypse, or read a modern fairy tale about a scarf’s magical powers.

Pages: 96
Dimensions: 190 × 290 mm
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Year: 2020
Publisher: Amsterdam Fashion Institute

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