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Mouthwash Magazine Issue II


Mouthwash Magazine, Issue II: Home. For some, it’s a place. For others, it’s a person or group of people. It’s that pattern on the rug in your parents’ living room, the old wallpaper in the kitchen, or the junk drawer where misplaced items found residency. The song you played to escape for a little while, or the bad family photos that that hung over top of the couch. That cluster of freckles on your best friend’s shoulders and the conversations that you don’t think about often but could never forget. Moments of indescribable joy. Times of isolating hardship. We explored and celebrated those differences in Issue II of the magazine.

Pages: 145
Dimensions: 203 × 280 mm / 8 × 11”
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Year: 2020
Design: Mouthwash, Jacob Lindgren
Publisher: Mouthwash

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