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Like a village made up of 10 houses, each with their own unique characteristics, materials, color, shape, n-site brings together 10 architects, artists, and designers who each share a single thought or idea on any topic which interests them. Just like the characteristics of oneself are often passed down to the characteristics of ones home, these unfinished concepts shed light on the thinkings of the contributors, each unique in their own way.

There lies a certain quality in a quick thought which may at that moment present no clear value, or a sketch quickly drawn out on a note pad, its transience fleeting like a match glowing brilliant orange in the dark. Left in this incomplete state, its rawness perhaps limits how much action can be taken, but within the same instance provides us with a sense of universal appreciation in its simplicity and in its personal nature, crossing the borders between mediums as its meaning is not solely within a single space, but instead can be taken from context to context and used in an uncountable amount of ways.

Toru Kase, Nishiyama HiroshiTezzo SuzukiYehwan SongYuichiro HigashijiYuichi NishimuraMitsuru TokisatoYusuke SaitohCheng ZhiNaoyuki Tokuda

Size: 220 x 310 mm / 8.6 x 12.2” (10 essays + 42 images)
Edition: 1000 copies (hand assembled)
Language: Japanese / Chinese
Year: 2020
Design: ori.studio
Publisher: da大 in print

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