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Pseudonym Publishing

Pseudo is a collection of interviews with Scandinavian designers, on the topic of concepts and rhetoric in today’s design scene. Revolving around themes such as 'what differentiates an idea and a concept' and the consequence of talking to much in abstract terms. Loose discussions shining a light on the current discourse of what we designers sell today, what's our primary point of delivery – and where are we as an industry headed?

Pseudonym Publishing is an independent publisher of books and artistic projects based in Oslo. Founded and run by graphic designers William Stormdal, Halvor Nordrum & writer Emilie Teige Skrattegård. 

Pages: 226
Dimensions: 155 × 210 mm / 6.1 × 8.2”
Language: English
Year: 2018
Publisher: Pseudonym Publishing
Origin: Norway

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