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Remo Salvadori: Continuo Infinito Presente / Sostare / Nel Momento


The Italian artist Remo Salvadori (b. Cerreto Guidi, 1947; lives and works in Milan) rose to international renown with sculptures and installations. In the 1980s and 1990s, he contributed works to three Venice Biennales as well as documentas 7 and IX in Kassel.

Published in conjunction with Salvadori’s first solo exhibition in Germany, this book presents selected works from four decades on display at Insel Hombroich together with several site-specific sculptures created for the occasion. Usually derived from basic shapes such as the circle, the square, and the triangle, Salvadori’s geometries explore the boundary between flatness and volume. As the artist works on his pieces, they become charged with a spiritual and meditative intensity. His unwavering aspiration is to enter into communication with nature and its elements and, ultimately, with his fellow humans.

An extensive photographic essay by the well-known art photographer Attilio Maranzano surveys Salvadori’s oeuvre. With essays by Frank Boehm and Germano Celant.

Pages: 214
Dimensions: 220 x 270 mm / 8.6 × 10.6”
Language: German, English
Binding: Hardcover
Year: 2019
Design: HelloMe
Publisher: Distanz

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