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Sleek 64


For the winter issue of SLEEK—covered by Kembra Pfahler and lensed by Fumi Nagasaka—we wanted to explore the idea of drugs, dosing and trance-like states. Drugs have obviously always been a huge part of society and culture, but recently they’ve crossed over into the mainstream via microdosing, cannabis edibles and a boom in people openly talking about pill-popping. This whole idea of ‘dosing’ feels like the perfect way to explore art, culture and a bit of fashion, too, which is why we decided to theme this issue around it.

— Performance artist, musician and filmmaker Kembra Pfahler speaks to Stoya about artistic rebellion, with portraits by New York-based photographer Fumi Nagasaka.
— Photographer Renell Medrano speaks to Gem Fletcher about using her inner resources and capturing her subjects’ vitality and flaws
— Laurie Simmons on photographing her two children, Lena and Cyrus Grace Dunham.
— LVMH Prize-winner Thebe Magugu on being embraced by the luxury fashion world.
— A series of illustrations set in a dystopian city by multidisciplinary artist Claire Barrow.
— Womenswear shot by Adrienne Raquel and styled by Alexander Julian.

— Sirin Kale on how the humble mushroom has been an icon of the drug scene since the Sixties.
— Camila Falquez documents practitioners of the Yoruba religion in Cuba.
— Kieran Yates examines the booming weed industry’s class double bind.
— Chris Klaus on how drugs have affected her and the people around her.

Dimensions: 225 × 295 mm / 8.8 × 11.6”
Language: English
Year: 2019
Publisher: Sleek

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