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Soushi Tanaka: Post

da大 in print

Within ongoing project “Post”, photographer Soushi Tanaka systematically takes images of each page of a newspaper each day using multiple exposures, generating data in order to demonstrate the behaviors behind production. With this method, each day all pages from a newspaper are combined into one image (Daily). These images are then reshot using the same method after each month (Monthly) and then all 12 months of a year are gathered and again reshot using the same method (Anually). Within this highly controlled process, Tanaka has produced work which is simultaneously mechanical and anthropological. 

Shedding light on the white space which exists between idea and outcome, our goal with this publication was to display both the work and the forests of details which exist behind it. Post is a project inherently linked to its process, and as such to understand the work you must first understand the process. Therefor this book goes beyond simply showing the project in a completed state, and instead presents it within multiple dimensions.

Year wraps month, which in turn wraps day, and in this way we are able to sense with form and space the culmination of one year of Post, each image displayed in sequence for the reader to experience the subtle changes rise up as one day passes to the next.

Essays have been provided by photographer Osamu Kamekura, and Rei Masuda, curator at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, on the topic of Post; illustrating two different perspectives on the project. 

The book also contains a disk with a video documenting the daily production methods used by Tanaka within the project. 

Pages: 126
Dimensions: 282 × 195 mm / 11.1 × 7.6”
Language: Japanese / English
Year: 2019
Design: ori.studio
Publisher: da大 in print

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