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Spectre Numero 2: Vegetal Trauma

Cosa Mentale
Plants feel the pressures, constraints, and violence of the world around them. Our irresponsible behaviour towards plants only increases the trauma they suffer. Being rooted and deeply sedentary beings, plants have no choice but to endure and adapt. Their lives are made up of successive aggressions which they remember, the violence of which they have to overcome in one way or another. Plants bear the traces and stigmas of the trauma that comes from a living environment from which they cannot escape. This unedited issue of ‘Spectre’ invites more than 30 contemporary artists to share interpretations of vegetal trauma, from pruning, graffiti, or neglect, to wildfires, wind, or ice.

Pages: 216
Dimensions: 250 × 310 mm / 9.8 × 12.2”
Binding: Softcover
Language: French, English
Publisher: Cosa Mentale
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