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Super Normal Issue 1

Super Normal

Often overlooked, hidden among the splendor, ordinary things surround us. It's easy to get lost in the brilliance of the high end, the complicated and the luxurious. As an artist, I gravitate towards mundane objects in search of their inner magnificence.

Here, I want to give a spotlight to the things that encompass our daily lives, the things that don’t necessarily stand out but serve a purpose. This is for those who observe the world around them with fixation and curiosity. A project that gives importance to it’s contributors’ different perspectives and the relations they establish with artifacts and each other.

Vanessa Granda

Editor: Vanessa Granda
Designer: Tijl Schneider
Copy editor: Amanda Suarez
Produce: Studio Schemata
Feature: Amber Vittoria, Chloe Lillash, Daniela Spector, Dani Reynolds, Devin Christopher, Elle Barbeito, Emily Oberg,Emmanuel Monsalve, Jenny Abrams, Jessi Frederick, Jon Harney, Julia Stotz, Justin Bridges, Lala Lopez, Lauren Coleman, Morgan Taylor, Nate Cover, Robin Stein, Shannon Brown, Sinjun Strom, Stephanie Dimiskovski, Taylor Reynolds, Vanessa Granda
Pages: 150
Dimensions: 225 × 290 mm / 8.6 × 11.4”
Binding: Softcover with gold hologramed foil
Language: English
Year: 2019
Publisher: Super Normal
Origin: USA


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