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Pierre di Sciullo, The Afternoon of a Phoneme


Born in Paris, Pierre di Sciullo is a central figure in both French graphic design and typography. At the international level, he is one of the pioneers who first designed digital typefaces. His truculent, literary, and at times insolent work explores various paths, from an infinite taste for logic and a total absence of presumption about letterforms and type history, to the glyph observed from its geometry and colorimetry, or the permanent oscillations between a rigorous methodology and poetic results. This monograph of Di Sciullo’s work takes the form of an extensive, precisely detailed and broadly illustrated interview.

Pages: 256
Dimensions: 150 x 240 mm / 5.9 × 9.4”
Language: French, English
Binding: Hardcover
Year: 2019
Publisher: Zeug

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