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The Cabinet of Traces

Art Paper Editions

“The Cabinet of Traces” is a collection of 73 traces that were left behind by various artists in residency at Air Antwerp from 2012 onwards. The traces presented in this publication form a diverse collection of objects, drawings, little art works, letters, and clothes. Likewise a catalogue of an ethnographic collection, this publication provides all standard technical details with each trace: material, dimensions, title and the artist who created it.

Each trace bears its own story. “The Cabinet of Traces” remembers these stories, while feeding new ones. Memories are constructions and the traces in the publi-cation form the basis from which these memories can be created. “The Cabinet of Traces” is a tool that feeds the imagination. It will be passed on to future artists in residency in order to evoke a reaction. New artists will extend the collection.

Pages: 224
Dimensions: 110 × 180 mm / 4.3 × 7”
Binding: Paperback
Language: English
Year: 2018
Publisher: Art Paper Editions
Origin: Belgium

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